Our Ambition


Who are we?

Prejudice and discrimination harms individuals, communities and society. BEING WOMAN is a non-profit organisation based in Northumberland, United Kingdom. We work towards to empower women with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination in the society. Our mission is to empower and help women and the wider community transform their lives by developing the confidence and skills, to live, learn and earn through education and advancement of gender equality. We firmly believe that it is critical to engage boys and men to achieve gender equality. We therefore run all our programmes  in collaboration with girls and women-boys and men from all different areas of the society. 

Our Approach

This year we would like to support more than 1,000 young girls and women across Pakistan and UK through a range of proven programmes, with three in four achieving a positive outcome.

We have a bold ambition to extend the reach and impact of our work and help one million more young girls and women to transform their lives over the next five years across Pakistan and UK. Our job is to inspire them, support them and release their potential, so that they can thrive and society can prosper. We will focus on innovation, to ensure we adapt and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. We owe it to ourselves and the girls and women we serve, to do the best work of our lives and to help give them an increasing stake in our economy and society. They are the key to a positive and prosperous future for all of us.

Our Model of Work

We partner with schools, local authorities, criminal justice education services and others, to deliver workshops and educational programmes to young girls and women in a variety of settings, predominantly in an educational setting. Our interactive and impactful programmes include an exhibition of their life and diary, combined with workshops, peer education and an ambassador programme.

Our Programs


GEMS (Gender Equity Movement in Schools) project is developed and designed to initiate and promote gender equality and reduce violence by engaging students in critical thinking and self-reflection. GEMS aims to build on successful efforts to foster more gender equitable attitudes and behaviors among youth, and campaign to engage students both girls and boys in the school setting.

This project is going to be delivered by our trained facilitators in a workshop format lasting more than a week using participatory methodologies such as role plays, games, debates and discussions to engage students in meaningful and relevant interactions and reflection about key issues of gender and violence. 

We firmly believe that schools, being spaces for learning, have a role beyond giving knowledge to also foster gender equality and non-violence.